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1. Top Level Domain - TLD's as their called, demand attention. And the .com trumps the .nets and the .orgs by a long shot. The .com is considered the KING in the domain industry and most experts believe it will continue to be that way for a long time.

2. It's Short - If owning a premium .com isn't enough to satisfy you, take more gratification from the fact that this one is only 6 letters long! Heck, that will even fit on most vanity license plates!

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3. It's Easy to Remember - It's 1Drums.com, not "1Drumsite.com". There's no forgetting this website. When someone asks what your domain is, tell them "1Drums" .com and then say, "We're #1 in Drums." They won't forget it.

4. Buy from a Trusted Brand - If you haven't heard of Drum Bum by now, you've been in the closet too long. Drum Bum is an established brand of 17 years with an excellent reputation in the industry.

5. First in the Directories - While promoting a website, one of the many things to do is garner incoming links. Whenever there is a directory, domains are listed alphabetically. When you own this website, you come up #1. Think about the value of that 1 (pun intended).

6. Keyword Rich - If you know anything about search algorhythms, you know that having a domain called 1drums.com is a lot better than a domain like joesdrumshop.com. This is because short, concise domains that feature one strong keyword, trump a longer name that has many other letters. This has been proven time and again in testing.

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7. History - The longer a website has been online, the more valuable it is to search engines. As part of search engine algorithims, history is one of the variables that is assessed and increases your chances of showing ahead of other domains. History makes a domain more valuable for purchase.

8. Supplemental Website - Most smart business owners have at least one other website helping to drive traffic to their "money maker". For example, if you already have a store at joesdrumshop.com but are having trouble coming up on Google under the word, "Drums", this domain could be your ticket! Load this sucker up with quality content and you've got a lot better chance of placing due to the conciseness of this domain. Because this domain only has one other character in it besides the word "drums", you stand a really good chance of being on the first page of Google under that word if you optimize your site right.


if you have interest in 1Drums.com, we're accepting serious offers.
Contact Mike Donovan at mail @ drumbum.com or call 804-273-1353.

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